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World's top custom user engagement and commenting platform for enterprise websites and blogs!

Vuukle Enterprise Suite

Vuukle is the most powerful audience development platform in the world for enterprise websites!

> Disqus and Livefyre are focused to get the masses. They have no easy route to request for a custom API for an enterprise size website

> Commenting is a side product offering from livefyre. It is not their core business. Where as we at Vuukle we strive to give enterprise websites a real user interaction, engagement and commenting platform

> An enterprise website needs a dedicated technology partner like Vuukle to really delivery the data it needs based on customer commenting and interaction with the website

> At Vuukle we deliver custom technologies and APIs and data to our enterprise customer within days

> We can and will deliver any of the requested real-time application data for our enterprise customer!

> Vuukle can increase your revenue by millions every year depending upon your traffic

>Vuukle provides deep analysis of your visitors'commenting behavior which can be leveraged to create more viral content, create reward system for your website visitors, to encourage further interaction

> Vuukle provides you with all the visitors data points which Facebook doesn't

> Facebook is built for the masses, however, enterprise need to partner with a company such as Vuukle to really give them enterprise tools to understand their traffic behavior and pattern, and provide custom APIs to get exact data that they need

Exponential increase in revenue
Generate new channels
Increase internal traffic
Increase average time spent on website
Accurate data to tailor your outreach to targeted audience
Better search engine optimization (SEO), better rankings and more traffic


Why Vuukle and not Disqus or Livefyre
Why Vuukle and not Facebook Comments?

950 Million+ page views every month and growing...

85 Million+ unique visitors and growing...

Prioritizing user engagement and commenting on your website can lead to:

How does Vuukle work?

Exponentially boost visitors interaction on the website!

By using custom built multiple engagement points for visitors increases websites commenting and engagement!

Analyze visitor's data/comments to  understand their likes, preferences, and communication patterns - that allow enterprise websites to tailor their content to increase traffic

Vuukle provides enterprise websites vital data to create more popular content!

Vuukle's dashboard provides  visitors commenting statistics, patterns, behaviors, and various data points. Using this never-seen-before information the enterprise can create content with more potential for viralization and traffic.

Insight into visitor's behavior can lead websites to create more viral content which means more traffic and more money!

  1. Increased traffic > Inscreased $$$
  2. Increased commenting/interaction on website > Increased rankings and internal traffic > increased $$$
  3. Vuukle directly generates revenue which it shares with the publishers. This leads to additional revenue for publishers $$$
  4. Vuukle provides crucial visitor's data point using which the enterprise website can create hghly targeted email campaign to pull more traffic to ther website $$$

With Vuukle you can create a unique reward system and increase your fan following, This turns leads and more $$$

Website Revenue

If you do this right, it is a never ending circle which will lead your revenue to geometric growth.

How Much We Helped Our Customers

Customer success analysis

Over 300% growth!

Page views per month

Comments per month

Over 250% growth!

Predictive revenue analysis based on US traffic value and numbers

Last year we generated more than half million dollars in revenue for our major customers in India

Since US traffic is valued 10 times more, we can generate up to 5 million dollars in revenue for a US publisher with similar traffic volume.

Myths About Facebook Comments

Creates virality - Facebook's ecosystem is designed to pull visitors back to Facebook, hence the bounce rate of Facebook referral traffic is so high.

Generates more traffic - Loyal and returning traffic is generated by continuous interaction on website and not by accidental clicks on a Facebook link.

> Good commenting platform - Facebook is just not meant to be a commenting platform for enterprise websites. It does more harm in long term than good. Websites don't own any customer data, Facebook does, Facebook doesn't make any custom API or data points for any enterprise, we do!

Vuukle doesn't want to take your visitors away!

Vuukle vs. Facebook in Numbers

Bounce Rate





Avg. Session Duration

While Facebook referral traffic bounce rate is almost 69%, Vuukle have only 39%.

Same happens with average session duration. Facebook have little less than 1 minute and a half, while Vuukle have almost 5 minutes.

59% less bounce rate

550% higher session duration

Vuukle wins, hands down!

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